Saturday, December 9, 1995

Dune Game #2 (12/9/1995)

Players: Janet (Guild), Joshua (Harkonnen), Mike (Emperor), Nazim (Fremen), Scott (Atreides)

Harkonnen and the Emperor battled for early control of Dune, and much to the latter's dismay, Harkonnen pulled out two straight traitors. The loss of those four leaders critically weakened the Emperor, and for a while, he had to be content with control of only one (non-paying) city. The Fremen attacked Tuek's and gobbled up spice all over the planet, driving the price of treachery cards through the roof.

Guild was expansionist and had Habbanya in addition to Tuek's Sietch, while Atreides simply collected two spice on Arrakeen and kept a detailed log of everyone's cards. When a nexus finally appeared, the weakened Emperor sought an alliance with the Fremen, and to counter that, the Guild and Harkonnen joined forces. Immediately, the Fremen rode the worm to destroy Harkonnen's men in the Imperial Basin (which left them poised to take Carthag); and these two alliances pounded each other for three rounds, with Harkonnen claiming afterward that he had miscalculated on at least two sure chances to win the game for his alliance (missing the opportunity afforded him by a Karama card).

Atreides moved a few men about the planet for two rounds to scoop additional spice while many battles occurred. Harkonnen locked Carthag with "Weather Control;" the Guild defeated the Emperor by one in Sietch Tabr; and the Fremen pummeled the Guild in Habanya (while Harkonnen occupied Tuek's). Then it happened. With masses of troops tanked, Atreides moved eight troops into Sietch Tabr to face only one Guild and slid five into Carthag (from Arrakeen) which defeated a force of three Guild. Game over.

A word from our winner, Scott

"Early in the game, all the spice blows blew (a few sixes and one eight), and it would've cost me too much to get them, so I sat tight. Don't be in a hurry to get to your Kwisatz Haderach unless you can make it worth your while; even though I had only two combats for the game (and both in the last turn), I was still into the game -- people can be intimidated away from fighting when you know every card they own. Definitely track the cards; other players will alternately love you and hate you for it."

Scott's words to live by:
- Bide your time when you cannot help your position
- Don't save your cards for the future when you can use them effectively now
- The Fremen should amass their troops in the Polar Sink rather than the Imperial Basin (to facilitate troop deployment toward Carthag and Arrakeen)

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