Saturday, March 16, 1996

HeroQuest Game (3/16/1996)

Players: Anne (Elf), Lori (Barbarian), Mike (Overlord/DungeonMaster), Scott (Dwarf & Wizard)

HeroQuest is cool because of the look of the pieces and all the other parafrenalia, and we increased this advantage by replacing two of the plastic heroes with miniatures that MikeC had in his basement (the heavily-bearded Wizard and sexy-but-deadly Barbarian were particularly cool). The object of this particular quest seemed simple enough: go into the pit, find the just-turned-evil FireWizard, return him (or his body) and receive 100 clams per hero. Easy money if you ask me, and I was ready for the challenge.

The adventure started out harmlessly enough, with two lame skeletons in the hallway that Barbarian easily dispatched (without a single point of body damage). Elf discovered a trap near the next doorway, and that prevented us from assuming our most advantageous formation before opening the door. Barbarian lagged behind a bit so the Dwarf opened the door (rather than the our normal pattern of Barbarian doing the dirty work -- which we usually employ because that gives us our maximum number of shots at any monsters before it's their turn). We'd hit the motherlode -- four skeletons and one kick-ass lookin' guy behind them. Dwarf moved to the left side and missed in his attack of one skeleton, while Elf took one out with a single mighty swing. Wizard moved into the doorway and summoned a ghost to attack the big guy, but the attack was blocked. Dwarf took two body hits and Elf took only one, while one Skeleton move into the doorway to block Barbarian or Wizard from entering. This strategy didn't work, because Wizard destroyed him with his next attack, though Elf and Dwarf both took another body hit each (with the big enemy man taking an attack on Dwarf that missed).

Barbarian moved in to squash one of the skeletons and Dwarf continued to fight in the corner opposite Elf and Barbarian. Once this round was over, only one skeleton and the big guy remained, but the latter'd received no body damage and looked primed for some serious combat. When his turn came, he unleashed a firestorm that inflicted one point on Barbarian and two each on Dwarf and Elf (Wizard, still on the outside looking in, was unharmed). Elf then fled to regroup (and revive her health with a spell) while Dwarf and Barbarian hit the big man again. Then, Wizard put the enemy to sleep for one turn and that sealed his fate. He was dead before he got another chance to destroy our heroes.

Turns out that this fallen enemy was our ultimate prey for the quest. He could have transported to another part of the maze, but didn't get the chance because of Wizard's use of spells. We were going to continue through the maze, looking for additional loot, but after stopping for peppermint-stick ice cream and chocolate sauce, we were satisfied and left the quest with our heads held high and stomachs bloated.

A word from our winners, Everyone

"We won. We rich. We eat." - Barbarian

"If short people got nobody, why're all the babes attracted to me?" - Dwarf

"Like they say in the Keebler commercials, 'Elfin magic saves the day'" - Elf

"Can I take a nap now?" - Wizard

Scott's words to live by:
- The heroes in this game have successfully completed 8 out of 8 quests. When do they become full-fledged heroes?
- The heroes should pool their cash and buy Doom II (for those lonely nights in the dungeon)

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