Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our History in Boardgames

Some friends and I have been gaming off-and-on for the past 12 years. Mostly board games, some video games, and a few online games. I unearthed the 30 or so boardgame summaries I wrote in 1996 and 1997, when we first started up.

I've posted them here, and here for your viewing pleasure. Please excuse the crudity of my writing (and the few typos) -- I was busy writing less important stuff... like college papers and grant proposals :)

I'll have more about our history as gamers and gaming together. I've kept track of many of our gaming sessions over the years, though I did not write updates at the time. But I'll be able to give you a general flavor and some impressions/thoughts about when we were able to game.

And of course, I'll keep a running "Overall Wins" list (see the sidebar), to keep those competitive juices flowing!

(Note: the "Overall Wins" list only includes games and gaming sessions posted to the blog. As I fill in more games, Joshua's seemingly insurmountable lead will vanish -- trust me!)

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