Thursday, December 17, 2009

Overall Victories Updated!

I went through all the recorded games we played but that aren't yet summarized, and came up with the definitive "Overall Victories" list. The current running total is at the right, but as a basis for comparison, I took screen shots of the before and after totals.

Joshua just maintained his lead, but the gap closed, from 4.5 games over Allan to a razor-thin 1.5 games over Scott. Note that between them Joshua and Scott have more victories than all the other combatants combined (103.5 to 97.5). Allan slipped to third, but he and Mike C. have a solid toe-hold in the second pack. Anne is a surprising fifth (and looks likely to keep that position for some time), though Lori W. still games once in a while.

As for the rest of the names, I have no idea who Eric, Tony, and Kevin are. Lori K. and Mike B. don't game much any more, and Christine and Vishal are long gone. Though Vishal will always remain in our hearts -- stopped by to play two games and skunked us both times, then went out on top like John Elway.

Anyhow, this update is based on games from the following Conventions:
CombsCon 1998
CombsCon 1999
WrightCon 2000
CombsCon 2000
CombsCon 2001
WrightCon 2002
CombsCon 2002
WrightCon 2003
and WrightCon 2004.

The "Overall Victories" do not include any video game wins. Tie games with no tie-breaker (or no notation of who won the tie-breaker) are 1/2 win for each player, and communal wins (e.g. an allied win in Dune) count as a win for each player in the group that won.

Enjoy the update; I will enjoy the belly-aching at my methodology, the crying about how a Guillotine win shouldn't count as much as a solo Dune win, and the trash-talking.

Let the jockeying for "head boot-licker" begin!

- Scott


  1. There was quite a few games played when I couldn't make it to Cambridge, so I don't feel too bad about slipping in the standings, plus add that I had a pretty bad stretch of losses from '06-'08. Lately I've been doing a little better, picking up some wins when Joshua isn't around. For some reason I think he guns for me a lot when we're both in a game, I don't know why. Hopefully the newly-updated standings will show him Scott is the one to stick the horns to!

  2. Oh, I see that Mike Braun is subscribed to this blog. I wonder if he'll make a game or two? Maybe he could rack up a few more wins!

    Also, Phil Collins is probably do to make an appearance on the winner's board soon. He's new to the group but has made a respectable showing in a bunch of games lately. When we play something he's experienced at (Puerto Rico, Small World, etc.) he'll probably Vishal us!

  3. Phil almost made it once; but we caught the scoring error in Puerto Rico before it became an official win.

    As for Mike Braun; maybe being half a win behind Lori K. and *tied* with some guy named Tony will spur him into action :)

  4. Hey, no video game wins....did you take away Josh's Bolo win?